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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, selling a home that is either owner-occupied or rented out is possible. Sometimes we can find creative solutions to allow you to stay in the house until your new home is ready.

  • Yes, we do. Our policy is to purchase homes in their current condition, with cash and without needing repairs or renovations. Additionally there are no agent fees or hidden expenses involved in the transaction and we will consider different options to ensure the best

  • The timeline for selling your house is flexible and depends on your needs. We can close as fast or slow as you need. It's all up to you. We move on your timeline or a more relaxed timeline.

  • Axiom Ventures purchases all kinds of real estate. We help all individuals. We buy houses in any condition, from new to old, and in any location. We buy houses that are in foreclosure, have liens, or are in need of repairs.

  • When you sell your house to us, there are no commission fees. Additionally, we usually cover all closing costs.

  • To determine the offer price for your house, we consider various factors such as its location, condition, and layout. We also evaluate comparable sales in your neighborhood to arrive at a fair value.

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